Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rule of Thumb for Cleaning-revised

I had a friend in college who insisted that it was a waste of time to wash clothes. Not because she was unclean--far from it--but because of the splash of black coffee, glob of pizza sauce or smear of chocolate (C'mon it was college after all, what did you expect we'd be spilling? Beer or something?) that inevitably found its way down the front of a newly laundered white top.

As an adult, I think there should be an addendum to her theory. It would read something like this...

When having the carpets cleaned, it should be assumed, that the grace period for such cleanings is no more than 24 hours. Use the grace period wisely. Take pictures of freshly scrubbed, plush carpets for proof, if necessary. Because at exactly 24 hours and 1 minute, someone will throw-up on your perfect floorscape, and carpet conditions will rapidly deteriorate.

Trust me. I know.


Anonymous said...

Who didn't like to wash her clothes???? I am dying to know!!!

Anonymous said...

Me,too!! (dying to know)Tee-hee! -Heidi

patjrsmom said...

That brilliant laundry logic comes to you from my beloved maid of honor, always sheer genius when it comes to all things of a fabric nature.

Love you, KP!