Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gifted Student

Last night, during family prayer time, we reviewed the family plan for Lent. A brief explanation, followed by some wild hand gesturing and the use of graphic organizers, as the children sat slack-jawed staring at me, left me feeling a little like Ben Stein (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) and a lot like my message might need further clarification.

But, rest assured, dear friends! All hope is NOT lost, and is has come in the form of my three year old, who proudly applied her knowledge (thankyouverymuch, Piaget) of the Works of Mercy for my benefit.

"Mom," she coyly asked, "would you get me a drink of water? Because if someone is thirsty, you said to get them a drink. (followed by a big grin)" She even got the context right. What a clever little girl I have.

She gets that from her mother.

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Life in Fitzville said...

LOL!!! I hope you got her the drink, and wrote it down, and added the money to your collection!