Thursday, February 07, 2008


The "newly named" Ark members--

The Boy
Baby T

They liked the idea of their favorite flower or gemstone, but since they couldn't all be named Diamond or Rose (yessir, my girls have champagne tastes!) we had to go back to the drawing board. Everyone liked the idea of choosing their favorite saint name, however, their favorite saint is the one for whom they were each named, so that didn't work. I really liked the idea of going "Old Testament" with the names, but the older girls wanted a real name, or so they told me. So, practicing the ancient art of compromise, (aka-Mom is finished with offering options. I have heard your demands and refuse to negotiate with terrorists. Here are your new names...) or something like that, we decided that Biblical names, with a focus on the Old Testament would best suit all of our collective needs. And, the initials used in older posts will still make sense with the new names.

Here are the explanations for each name:

Candace-English name derived from the Queen Mothers of Ethiopia. One of the Ethiopian candaces is mentioned in Acts when Philip baptizes the Ethiopian eunuch of "great authority under Candace Queen of the Ethiopians."

Naomi-Biblical name of the mother-in-law of Ruth.

Hannah-English name derived from the name Chanah, mother of the prophet Samuel.

Beulah-Hebrew name meaning "she who is married", found in Isaiah 62:4.

The Boy and Baby T will keep their names and ranks onboard the Ark. Thanks for all your help!


Laura W. said...

Well, I'm happy to meet you all!!! Lovely names! :)

Easter A. said...

Wonderful post, Jane!!!

Oh how I love looking at your babies! God bless you, wonderful mom! :-)

Cath said...

Hahaha! Clearly I need to rise out of the houseful of fevers here before I see your blog. I thought WOAH WAIT, they adopted FOUR children at once this time? And it's INCREDIBLE how much they look current Ark residents. LOL I am a dork.

Eileen said...

The names are great! And I love your negotiation techniques--they're just like mine. I start out feeling like such a great mom, so warm and understanding, and end up with, "OK, great, this is what you're getting. Enough!"

Happily, my children still think I'm basically nice. Must be a survival thing.

Anyway, I love the girls' names, and I'm glad you kept the boys' names the same, since they were already pretty cool.

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

I thought I commented here earlier but it must not have taken.
I love the names you've chosen.
Beautiful names for beautiful children!

I have awarded something to you at my blog!:)