Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pilgrim Visitor

For the next few weeks, we have a special guest on the Ark.

A friend of mine graciously coordinates the pilgrimage of Our Lady of Guadalupe throughout homes in the area.

From the image coordinator:

What is the Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe?

The Pilgrim Image is an authentic photograph of the upper portion of the miraculous image of the Mother of God, which appeared on the tilma (cloak) of Juan Diego....The negative for the Pilgrim Image reproductions was providentially made by NASA during recent analysis.

Who provides the images?

A woman in Mexico donates these images. She gives the images to those willing to coordinate Our Lady's travels in thanksgiving for the intercession of Our Lady when her life and that of her son were saved from drowning in the ocean. In pleading to the Blessed Mother for her son's life, the waters miraculously calmed, and the boy was carried safely to shore.

Are the images blessed?

The images are blessed at the Basilica in Mexico before the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the authentic tilma of Juan Diego.

What started this Image to travel as a pilgrim to homes?

Inspired by John Paul the Great's motto "Totus Tuus" in consecration to Our Lord through the Immaculate Heart of the ever Virgin Mary and the miracle in 1981 saving her drowning son; the Pilgrim Image Apostolate is dedicated to the travel of Our Lady's images.

The image has taken a prominent place on the mantel in our family room, which is visible from the second floor as well. Each time I pass in front of the image, the voice of Our Lady, knowing my heart, beckons me with her words, "Am I not here who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection?" and, in turn, brings the peace of her Son to my heart and my home.

If you are interested in having the image travel to your home, leave a message in the comments.

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Anne said...

I have had a traveling statue of Our Lady from the Blue Army, but not this one. Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of my favorite images of Mary, right after the Miraculous Medal. Please let me know if there is one in my area or how she can come to visit....