Friday, February 15, 2008

Goings On

Yesterday, I picked up a sick Boy from school early. We squeezed in choir practice before heading home for this traditional special dinner. Quickly, we cleaned up and Beulah and I ran out to pick up a few important items for this big celebration coming tomorrow. (We've got an "Almost Sleepover" planned, dontcha know!) We are also hosting our couple's bible study tonight, our Family Birthdays (the February edition) on Sunday and my women's bible study meets here Tuesday. Somewhere in here, I also need to get haircuts for 8 people, stop at the party store, attend a basketball game, do some house hunting, attend Mass (where Hannah and Beulah will be singing), prepare myself to lead both bible studies, and craft an art appreciation lesson for "Picture Lady" at the big girls' school on Wednesday. Oh, and take the Boy back to the doctor.

Looks like the schedule is light this weekend.

***And...because a few of you kind, caring readers have asked...with regard to this post--Hannah's ears checked out just fine. Praise God!***

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Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

I'm huffing and puffing just reading what you've got on your plate! Hope you have a great one anyway. Blessings to you!