Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Defying Probability
(Subtitled: I Knew There Was a Reason We Had All These Kids)

The Boy came home early from school the other day, and being the lone "after-school" voice in the car, I heard slightly more than I usually hear while driving home.

The Boy: We had a problem in Math today and our family was the answer!

Me: (feeling slightly worried about where this was heading) Really? What was the question?

The Boy: It was about statistics and probability; you know, all that coin toss and 50-50 stuff.

Me: And...

The Boy: It challenged us to first, identify a family with six kids (NO PROBLEM!) and then, prove that one existed where it was not made up of three boys and three girls. I just looked at that and everyone else scratching their heads and wondered---what's so hard about this?

Me: (exhaling a sigh of relief) Oh! Good! Let me know if we can help with the multiplication unit...

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