Thursday, September 27, 2007

A weighty matter

There's been recent discussion on the ark about the size one must be to use the riding mower to cut the grass. The two older girls, it seems, do not weigh enough for the mower to work. (Apparently, there is a safety feature that cuts power to the blade if it believes the rider has fallen off). So, I suggested that, perhaps, when they weighed a little more, their mowing days could begin. B skipped back into the house, satisfied with my response. H, however, narrowed her eyes at me and began-what I like to think of as a quirky Ethiopian trait- interrogation speed round.

H: How much do I weigh?

Me: Oh...about 75 pounds, I think.

H: What about B?

Me: About the same.

H: What about the Boy?

Me: More than you.

H: More than 100?

Me: Yes.

H: (pondering for a moment) Then you must be two or three hundred, right?

They must operate some kind of funny system of measure in Ethiopia, at least that's what I'm telling people...


Julie Cooper said...

Hi! As you know, I have two third graders myself. And they can't estimate worth a darn! As for the riding mower, tell H and B that back in the stone ages (bad estimate, I know), our riding mowers didn't have a weight sensor. I wish ours did! Then I wouldn't have had the responsibility of mowing the lawn at age 7. Oh, things were so different then!

Becky said...

I'm laughing so a hoot:)

Therese said...

I lol so loud that I frightened my 10 year old.

My husband shaved his beard of recently and my children were all telling me that I looked too old to be married to him.

Children are so diplomatic aren't they!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb, sfo said...


Thanks for the link to your story about your grandmother :) That was really sweet.