Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sweet Reminders

As previously noted, my just-turned-three-year-old, N, has been undecided on a number of things lately. Not the least of which has been her attendance at pre-school, which started a week ago today. So today, with little fanfare, I dis-enrolled her from her two morning a week pre-school class. I really appreciated everyone's comments and emails. As she is my fifth to enter school, I find myself taking a much more laid back approach to her rush to academic achievement. Last year, CB, (at the age of almost four) was barely ready to start a one hour, once-a-week class. Now, in that short span of time, she greets me brightly each morning with, "Do I have school today, Mama?"; reminding me evermore to cherish the fleeting time I have with these little ones.

Thanks, CB, I needed that.

Ready to start the the day!

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