Friday, September 21, 2007

Lessons Learned

CB spent yesterday afternoon pouring liquid "bubble stuff" on the driveway and skating through it. Finally, after many panicked warnings about splitting her head open gentle reminders to stop, CB was kindly asked by her tired-of-repeating-herself mother to sit and think about why that behavior was not such a good idea.

"Well," I asked, "What did you think?"

"It's not safe," she answered. "You could slip."

"And what else?" I continued.

Looking very seriously at me, she added, "And'll fall and crack your head open."

Well, I thought, at least I know she was listening.


N busied herself with the books in the cryroom at B and H's choir practice last night.

"Look at this man," she declared, "he's wearing flip flops."

Looking up from my reading , I responded, "That's Noah and those are sandals. Do you remember him?"

Her puzzled stare beckoned me to continue.

"He built a big boat and filled it up with every different kind of animal you can think of."

"Ooooh noooo,"she said as she passed down her three year old judgment, "I bet he got in BIG trouble for that!"

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