Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Science lesson gone horribly wrong

Tonight, as the three little ones and I sat under the fading sun at soccer practice, I noticed the moon had already risen. What a great opportunity, the overenthusiastic teacher in me decided, to point out the moon while the sky is still blue.

I called out excitedly, "Hey guys! Who can find the moon?!" Each of the little girls scanned the sky and quickly responded, "I do!" Then little N added, "But it's such a small moon, Mama." Not wanting to let a teachable moment pass me by, I answered, "Yes, it is. It's called a half-moon." CB, listening intently to my explanation, turned to N and I and with concern and said, "You mean someone CUT it?!"

I briefly tried to explain that it was still there, but it was dark and unable to be seen; thus continuing my science lesson. She looked at me quizzically and I thought for a second before offering, "Or maybe someone cut it." Satisfied, she wandered off while I, left with my failed lesson plan replaying itself in my mind, decided it was a good thing I'd never been offered a science teaching job.


Life in Fitzville said...

That is too funny! I love that she was just happy with her own explanation.

We have a good friend who is a science teacher, so I refer all those types of questions to him. We are both teachers here, but NOT science!

Therese said...

science is my most feared subject with our children. I remember when Daneil asked me if mosquitoes have teeth. I have no idea I said to him. That was before our internet days. Now I tell the children to Ask Jeeves (because Jeeves knows everything).