Saturday, September 15, 2007


N decided she didn't want to go to pre-school on Thursday. There was no real *episode* so to speak. As she just turned three in July (and we were waffling about whether to send her or not) it took me only a split second to decide to keep her home that morning.

Once we were in the car, however, it seemed a much more pressing choice needed to be made.

N: Mama, when we get home, can I have my sippy cup?

Me: Sure, we'll fill it up with apple juice as soon as we get there.

N: I don't want apple juice. I want water.

Me: That's fine.

N: Why can't I have apple juice?

Me: (my patience fuse growing shorter) You can have apple juice, I just told you that. You said you wanted water.

N: Oh yeah, I doooo want water.

Me: (thinking the discussion has finally ended)Okay-water it is!

After a few fleeting moments of silence, she called out from the back seat:

N: But if I don't want water, can I have apple juice?



Therese said...

By the time you have had this converstaion with 7 children Jane you start to get out a sippy cup with apple juice and a sippy cup with water just incase they change their mind after having a little bit of water.

scmom said...

Good choice keeping her home. I once had this same scene with my first young three. We were headed to preschool on his birthday and suddenly he got nervous. I thought, "o.k. you stay home." I stepped out of the car to tell the teacher that he changed his mind that day and she gave me a really hard time about letting him decide. Since he was my first child I listened to the teacher instead of my gut. How crazy. He was three-years-old!! He would have been fine if he had NEVER gone to preschool, why was I worried about one day -- his birthday no less?

Enjoy them while you can!