Sunday, September 16, 2007

Obviously, People

High school students in CT lost a little common sense today, which for high school students (if memory serves) doesn't leave much left.
Physics teacher and stickler for attention to detail, (Units, people, UNITS!), David Couch, who had been a teacher there for 35 years, just passed away in Germany. He was scheduled to return and teach part time.
Even if you didn't attend Immaculate High School, you knew this teacher. He was the one whom freshmen feared as urban legends about him filled the hallways of the upperclassmen. He was tough-that was for certain. Whether out of fear, or perhaps out of hard work(okay, it was definitely fear); he demanded his students perform to the best of their abilities. He expected nothing less from us, nor we from him. He taught us to expect success of ourselves and of others at a time when teenage angst readily clouded most things positive.
Rest in peace, Mr. Couch. May St. Peter meet you with a truly original joke about your name.

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Faith said...

Mr. Couch was one of those teachers wholeave a mark on every student who passes through their classroom. He showed respect for his students (right, Miss Bishop?) and expected no less from us. I may not have pursued Physics past high school, but you can be darn sure I will remember that gravity is 9.80 meters per second (squared)!

Rest in peace, Mr. Couch.

Miss Hickey