Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Travel Snacks

I spent this morning at the dentist's office for an always enjoyable six-month check-up. Relying upon the kindness of friends, I was able to venture off for my appointment unaccompanied. As I sat in the waiting room the first few minutes, I was on alert. Why?

First, because that's the status quo for my entering into any type of professional office space where (when I go WITH young'uns in tow) I'm ready at a moments notice to: apologize, keep one eye on the wanderer, another eye on the climber and still a third eye (yes, I must have it here somewhere) on the one who is nonchalantly emptying the contents of my pocketbook on the floor; all while staring longingly at the golden gateway back to meet with the doctor, teacher, dentist, etc...
And, second, I was getting ready to go sit in the dentist's chair, 'nuff said.

Normally, in such situations, I whip out my rosary and roll the beads gently between my fingers, urging calm through my meditation. Today, however, there was an "Everyday with Rachael Ray" magazine at my fingertips (which I'd never seen before) and I was, don't forget, alone. There was a cover story featuring Road Trips and the best snack foods to pack in the car. "Great!" I thought, until I turned to the page featuring fajita-style roll-ups with dipping sauce, of course and vegetable and cheese shish-kebabs. I had no problem with the *highly original* homemade popcorn and frozen juice boxes, but I really thought Rach wouldn't have left me hanging. It's no problem to conjure up Doritoes and M&Ms, but without taking along a sous-chef, there must be something else on which to feast.

Any "yum-o" suggestions?

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