Friday, September 14, 2007

Pleasant surprise

After the un-pleasant surprise last night, it was so sweet to wake up to this award from Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop. Thanks, Therese! I big-red-puffy-heart your blog, too!

And to share the love...a few of my favorite daily reads...goes to:

Denise at Life in Fitzville -- great writing from another mom to many!

Becky at Wild At Heart Family -- genuinely nice, kind words spoken here--every.single.time!

Cathy at The Mouse Says -- funny, insightful, and honest. She writes just like she talks and I love her blog for it!

Jena, at Preparing for Rain -- how could I forget (must be the 6 kids or something...) but my *namemate* is a wealth of adoption ponderings and always enjoyable to read.

There are lots of others, too, but I start my day with you guys!


Becky said...

Thanks so much! I love to check your blog each day too. I look forward to your families updates and your inspirational writing.

Life in Fitzville said...


I love reading your blog, and this is great, to see some other blogs I haven't seen before (I love Becky's too, but I am going to check in on the othres!)

jena said...

Fun times!
Thanks and right back at ya!