Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pro-Life Baby Shower Coming Saturday!!!

In a lukewarm attempt to show the proportion of one's pro-life stance equaling the number of children adopted, the question, "How many children have YOU adopted?" has been the mantra of the pro-life opposition. It seems the pro-abortion crowd movement has birthed a new sibling (particularly when the pro-lifer in question HAS one or more adopted children) for this question, "Why don't you spend your time and energy helping the children who are already born?" After emitting a loud sigh, I spent a few moments thinking about the protesting pro-lifers I know. Far from the "religious zealot circus freak show" label firmly in place by the PP contingent, these are just your average hard-working, concerned citizens, who when they aren't busying themselves with their protest shenanigans are:
  • coordinating efforts to bring food and shelter to the people (predominantly women and children) of our community at the local shelter and food pantries
  • acting as foster parents for days, weeks, months and sometimes years to care for children who, if all goes well, will be reunited with their birth family
  • organizing small groups in their churches, in their neighborhoods to minister to mothers and provide support and encouragement through their childbearing and childrearing years
  • adopting a child or two (or nine--Hi Mom!) in order to give the child and the birth parents a chance to become the person God calls them to be
  • babysitting for young, single mothers while they finish their college or, perhaps, high school degree
  • mentoring, loving, giving, donating selflessly of all the time-talents-and-treasures they have been given--rather than take the easy way out for themselves and demand that women "in trouble" have abortions to avoid having yet one other person to help
And just because this life-affirming lifestyle allows for so much "me" time, these people, who devote their *extra* time to "extremist" protest activities are busy preparing to help--AGAIN!

Read more about Saturday morning's "Jericho March" here and the concurrent pro-life baby shower to assist three local crisis pregnancy centers here. For more information or questions, leave a message in the comments below.

***If you are not local to the event, but would like to donate, you can do so here; and, as always, continue to pray that a culture which affirms life--in all its stages--will start right here, in Aurora, Illinois, right now.***

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