Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mama always said...

It's better to tell the truth than to lie, because in the end, it's just too hard to remember what lies you've told. I guess that's why the sleight-of-hand method PP has been using in attempting to set-up the largest abortion clinic in America in Aurora, IL will, in the end, come back to haunt them.
Someone should have warned them that those types of tricks only work when the magician keeps his secrets.

From today's Aurora Beacon News regarding recent developments in the zoning code for the clinic:

From the first article:
Steve Trombley, president and CEO of Pl*nned P*renthood/Chicago Area, told The Beacon News Tuesday night that he hadn't seen that ordinance requiring a special-use permit and city public hearing.

"We have no idea what he's talking about," Trombley said

And from the second:
"Officials from Gemini discussed this with the city. It was determined that this project did not require a special-use permit," said Sara Knaub, a spokeswoman for Pl*nned P*renthood/Chicago Area.

Alyingceosayswhat? Exactly.


Therese said...

Chanting "Women shall decide their fate, not the church, not the state"

Women do decide their fate when they jump into bed with someone.

When we do certain things, we get natural consequences.

patjrsmom said...

Absolutely! As Christopher West says there is only one sure fire way to not become pregnant!