Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The First Month

The first month on the ark found our family with lots to keep us busy. We have, in no particular order...

  • celebrating St. Nick's Day, Advent, Christmas, New Year's and are currently preparing for H and Baby T's Baptism on January 14th.
  • learning to speak broken Amharic and understand broken English--we have settled on Amhenglish as the ark's first language.
  • trying to explain (and understand) why everything in America can be thrown away when finished. (paper plate-garbage, juice box-garbage, baby diaper (yes-even these)-garbage...and don't even get us started on elevators.
  • trips to doctors, dentists, hairdressers, schools and many, many stores. Much of which has been met with an inquisitive, "We go in car---again?!"
  • priming, painting, and carpeting the 1200 square feet in our basement to be ready for when H and Baby T come home (like we had nothing to do before they actually came home)
  • meeting Dad's family (grandmother, grandfather and an assortment of 10 siblings, spouses and cousins!)
  • developing a family dance (no, seriously) which is a combination of the "shoulder dance" that the Ethiopian children learn and the Chicken Dance...oh, and renaming one of Daddy's brother's "Uncle Chicken Dance"
  • not blogging-you probably thought the holidays with 6 children (2 who just arrived from half way around the world) left me with plenty of time to myself...
  • scheduling appointments for our first POST-placement visit, calling an attorney about re-adopting in Illinois, and visiting the Social Security office, again, all non-time consuming things...

But mostly, the last month, has been filled with basking in the joy of our newly expanded ark and the knowledge that God really, really, does have a plan bigger than us and when we are open to it-the blessings are too many to count.

Wishing you all a 2007 open to all God has in store for you!

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