Saturday, January 06, 2007

School News

In my email the other day, was a very sweet note from a friend of mine from church and school. Her (equally sweet) daughter, K, is the same age as B and H, but is a grade ahead in school. Over the Christmas vacation, we were invited to play (yes, all SIX kids and me) and to have lunch. We had such a wonderful time that day and H felt so welcomed by this kind and generous family. As a matter of fact, the morning of H's first day of school, as we walked down the primary grade hallway, K was one of the first faces who spotted us; and when she did---her face broke into a huge grin and she started waving fiendishly and calling, "Hi, H! Hooray--you're here!" If I was looking for any affirmation that this school was the correct choice for us (even without all the fancy ELL programs that our public school offers) than, I had come to the right place. Then, at the end of that first day, while we were in the car driving home, H was frantically trying to explain something to me. She said, "You me go you friend house everybody play biiiiiiggg fun today looking play outside." I was still trying to follow the thought process behind the string of words when B interrupted my thoughts by saying, "Yeah, mom, we played with K at recess today." Of course. Lucky for me B and H speak the same language (whatever it is!) H was welcomed by so many familiar faces this first week. She sits right between her sister and our carpool friend, N, in her class, and even the Boy's big ol' sixth grade buddies take the time to wave and call out "hi" when they see her. But, back to the email I received from K and her mom. K is one smart cookie and she leaves no stones unturned in the area of observation. She relayed this detailed account of her interactions with H on the first week and I thought it was just too cute not to share. With her Mom's permission (and my great thanks!) here it is:

(from K's mom's email to me) Here's what I have seen and heard:

Wednesday: I saw H in the parking after school. She hugged me. I talked to Miss M (H and B's teacher and K's teacher from last year) in the other parking lot, she said that she is very excited to have H in her class! H has her own locker, but it does not have her name on it. K is very concerned about the lack of the name label and hopes that this issue will be resolved soon.

Thursday: H had to come into K's room ( Mrs. M) to drop off someone's homework. K said that the transaction went well and H seem a little shy but fine.

Friday: K looked into Miss M's room and saw H and a few other children working on Math with Mrs. B(the teaching assistant). And later K looked into Miss M's room and she saw H sitting on the rug and Miss M was reading Wayside School - a book series. K also saw H in the bathroom and said "hi". H said "hi" back. K saw H on the playground playing with B and some other children. K was not sure what game they were playing.

Stay tuned for more stalking reports---that is, updates. Thanks to K and her Mom for sharing these stories with us!


5KidMom said...

What a sweet friend. It's always nice to hear things from another perspective. Some kids have different tendencies when they're away from home. I have a VERY open email relationship with my 5th Grade son's teacher (he has ADHD, OCD, RAD, etc.). I am surprised pretty regularly by her accounts of his behavior and work habits in class. Fortunately, it is the pleasant kind of surprise. 8^) I am so happy to hear that the other students are so accepting of H, and that she seems to be enjoying school. The education part is important, but for right now, the social part might be even more important. It sounds like you made the perfect choice for her.

Anonymous said...

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