Monday, January 22, 2007

Celebrating Families!

The Learning Channel, bless their enterprising hearts, has caught on that not all of America thinks that a large family is a curse--rather than a blessing. But for whatever the reason, whether financially motivated or not, they are giving lots of screen time to stories about plus-sized families! A while back, they aired a program about the Duggar family of Arkansas, who at the time were expecting their 16th child. They followed this family through another program as they worked to build their own home (everyone over 8 was assigned their own power drill!) These programs were so well-received that they are now airing a new round of programs called "Kids by the Dozen". One of them premiered last week, and another premieres tonight. The details are as follows:
Monday, January 22, 2007 at 9:00 PM EST/PST on TLC:Kids by the Dozen The Heppner Family Spud and Miriam Heppner are the parents of 16 children, 9 still living at home! Getting everyone together for a weekend at the lake is easier said than done, but to the Heppners, family comes first.
The first program in the series was very well done and gave an objective look at a larger family, rather than staging an "Let's all spend an hour to gawk at these freaks who just can't seem to figure out how that happens." So I'm blogging early today because tonight, I'm tucking my half-a-dozen (see, it doesn't even seem like that many kids by comparison) in to bed and hunkering down with a cup of hot tea and the remote to watch TLC! Let me know if you see it , what your thoughts are!


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Bishop!
It's your first RA writing! KW led me, just before Christmas, to read your adventures of late. Love it! And congrats to all! I've meant to write and say as much but the crazies here get the best of me most days - however, I knew it was time when I saw an article in the Ped's office yesterday "Adopting Helen" - a story of an Ethiopian Adoption from Layla house. I knew I had to put you on to it... if you haven't seen it yet! It was in Wondertime magazine. XOXO

patjrsmom said...

That is just an unbelievable coincidence! I'd bet we *know* the adopting family. What a small world. Nice to see you here on our little ark, as it were, stay tuned the promised Baptism pictures are really, really--no, this time I mean it--coming soon!