Thursday, January 18, 2007

Marcoux Baking Company

While you may not recognize our name from the NYSE--yet--but, there is one house in northern New Hampshire that recognizes this small cookie-baking operation's name on sight.
During Christmas 2005, the (then four) bakers decided to give their Grandpa "the gift that keeps on giving". No, not the jelly of the month club, silly-- cookies!!! Recipes are carefully chosen, ingredients purchased, and a flurry of baking activity ensues once a month in our little test kitchen yielding batches of love-filled (and sometimes otherwise filled!) cookies for Grandpa (and Grandma when he chooses to share). This past Christmas of 2006, the bakers decided it was such fun to do and their Grandpa enjoyed his cookies so much that they would give the gift all over again. As January brought their East coast grandparents here, they decided to "go live" with the first batch of cookies in 2007! Below are a few snapshots from the M & M cookie bakefest.

Two of the six bakers were present for the January cookie making. They were full of energy (and some butter!)

After watching hours (no, literally, I mean hours) of the Food Network, CB has decided that the only good egg is a slightly beaten one. I believe N is in her cookie making/cheerleading ensemble.

Things were starting to get cooking and everyone was happy when the recipe finally called for the M & Ms. I think a few of them might have even made it into the dough.

12 months of cookies...good stuff, picking out your favorite recipes...very tasty, snuggling with the chefs while the cookies bake...priceless!


5KidMom said...

Those pictures are precious! What a great idea for a Christmas gift that kids can actually do (mostly) themselves.

By the way, is The Food Network the new trend or something?! My Middle School kids (a girl and a boy) have been addicted to that channel for the last few months. I'm not sure what brought it on, but at least I don't have to worry about anything inappropriate on those shows.

One last thing....I LOVE (like with a great big beating HEART) your red house!!! Our old house was a very similar shade, with white trim and accents. It was SOOOO nice. Our new house (new construction) is still mostly the awful, flat white paint that the builder used (the kind that comes off if you try to wipe anything off the wall). Oh, how I miss color! I think Will and I need to come up with a plan and a "to do list". You've inspired me. 8^)

patjrsmom said...

Hi 5kidmom,
If it makes you feel any better, our house (also new construction 3 years ago) has taken as long to get the paint colors chosen and up on the walls here, too. And now, we're still painting...down in the basement as it gets ever closer to finished!
As for the food network, I was starting to worry about CB's obsession with Sandra Lee and Rachel Ray! The good news is, though, that they've all been well fed as I watch over their shoulders..