Monday, January 08, 2007


This is the week of visitors. My parents arrived today from New Hampshire (N keeps asking when we can see their new "hamster") after a long train ride all through the night. Everyone was so very excited to see them--even H and Baby T jumped on the Grandma and Grandpa are coming bandwagon. They are in town to visit for the week and to attend H and T's Baptism this coming Sunday (which I DID NOT have any forewarning would be in direct conflict with the Bears Playoff Game). Then, my dear friend, F (who is also Baby T's Godmother) arrives on Thursday night. So, we're looking forward to a nice visit this week with friends and family and will post pictures once things quiet down (relatively speaking) a bit here.


Cath said...

Ok, number one, your about me still says you are the mom of four (soon to be six)... I don't know why you have not had time to fix that. Number two, hurry up with the picture posting. Number three, waves to F and repressed envy for her getting this child sighting. And FOUR. OH how I am laughing about New Hampster. I read the blog yesterday and did not get it at all! LOL

Cath said...

Oh and number 5, how neat is this, your tickerfactory points out that today is 1 month, 1 week and 1 day since they've been home. How very Irish does that litany sound? "And a week was like a day." "And the last day was better than the first..."

faith said...

waves right back at you, cath! I can't WAIT for my child sighting! The little man will be asleep when I get there tonight, but I will just HAVE to peek in on him. J - I *promise* not to wake him up!