Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wondertime Magazine

Thanks TBO for the heads-up on this one. The MMC alumnae network runs deep, eh? I had NO idea that these articles were out there. The woman who wrote the article, as well as the profiled book There is No Me Without You is Melissa Fay Greene. She is an adoptive parent through our agency Adoption Advocates International, as well as an award winning writer. The article you found, with the "Adopting Helen" title can be read here. Through the Wondertime site search, I also found an article reviewing her book There is No Me Without You. If you haven't read it, but are at all intrigued by the stories connected to the orphan crisis in Ethiopia, then it is a must read. It is an emotional read and the stories will grab a hold of your heart just as if you were walking alongside Haregowin herself. And don't let its length scare you, it really is a quick read and moves effortlessly between cold, hard statistics and warm, endearing characters who quickly make the story real; without ever having to leave your living room.

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