Friday, January 26, 2007

Wise guy(updated with pictures)

My darling husband is at the "Daddy Daughter Dance" fiesta tonight with his two senoritas, where he noted, he will spend much of the evening with the other father's standing by the punch bowl while the girls they brought run off together in a fit of giggles and dancing.

While they are away, however, the Boy and I enjoyed a quiet evening alone once the three little ones were tucked in for bed. We played a really neat game (given by my clever friend, A) called 10 Days in Africa. The cat actually joined us for the game (as shown below).

While we were playing the Boy said to me, "So, maybe I'll stay up and watch Murder, She Wrote (my most favorite geriatric-detective mystery show) with you and Dad." I informed him that there was no way that would be happening as this was a "date" for his Dad and I. To which he responded, "A date?! You're married, you don't have "dates"! And I, who has loved this quote since I heard our very funny friend use it at our couple's bible study said to him, "Of course we have dates...You know, we were husband and wife to each other before we were mother and father to you people!" Then I sat back smuggly just long enough for him to say, "Well, yeah. You're supposed to be." Touche.

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#11 said...

I would love to hear more about the Father/Daughter dance - are they any pictures to accompany this outing? I remember a family wedding when I was very small where my Dad wanted to dance with me and I refused - he even offered to pay me a quarter if I would dance with him. Oh, those were the days!