Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas! Happy Epiphany!

In order to celebrate the fullness of the Christmas season this year AND to honor our children's Ethiopian celebration of Christmas, we've decided to send out our Christmas cards for Epiphany this year.

In Ethiopia, Epiphany is the date when the Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas. It is the Church celebration of the arrival of the 3 Wise Men to the infant Jesus. Many other cultures celebrate this day as their gift giving day as well in memory of the gifts given by the 3 Wise Men. For more about Epiphany click here . For some great Epiphany ideas try making an Epiphany cake or bless your home on Epiphany or start the New Year with a celebration of God's gifts and graces on Epiphany.

And, while you're preparing your hearts and homes for Epiphany, check out the photo session for our Christmas/Epiphany cards this year!

Any guesses which picture made the cut?

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