Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tunes for the Ark I and II

On Friday, we received in the mail a most thoughtful gift from our good friends in California. They have been along for our journey, since it's inception---way, way back when God put the call to adopt on our hearts. Even more amazing, they stuck it out with us for the, oh EIGHT or so years that it took to come to fruition.

I was in the car with CB, showing her a picture of the family that came with the gift, when she asked:
CB: Who are these people? (remember CB is only 3 and last saw them when she was only months old!)
Me: That is the S family. They are friends of ours.
CB: Waaaiiittt a minute. THESE are the S family? (we have prayed for their family each night when Mr. S was deployed in Iraq and it has just felt right to continue to do so)
Me: Yes.
CB: Well, then who is this one? And this one? And this one? And this one? Who is that BOY?
Me: (after explaining each person) That's everyone.
CB: But there are no brothers? Where are the brothers? And a baby? Where is a baby?
Me: The girls USED to be babies (ignoring completely the brother question) but now they are all grown-up.
CB: Well, okay, but waaaiiiittt a minute. (studying the picture very carefully) Just how OLD is that mom?
Now, I'm no expert, but perhaps she's trying to determine if it is possible to ADD a baby and/or a brother to that family...if so, call her. She'll be glad to give you our adoption agency's phone number!!!
And to commemorate the journey this family of ark builders has been on, they created not one, but TWO cds of great, carefully chosen, music. Besides the fact that the music is so awesome, we are reminded each time we listen to it of how this process has not only involved our family. So many friends and families have been right there alongside us as we've built. People have come from far and wide with planks of gopherwood, wooden mallets and nails, and (yes, F) even pitch and bitumen to make our ship waterproof! We've been covered in prayers from coast to coast, the importance of which I can't even express, and now these beautiful cds fill our hearts and our ark with song to remember these days. Thanks C, R, D, R and A--we look forward to introducing our newest family members to you when you tire of sunny CA!

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