Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!

When it comes to gardening, I am a complete poser. I have had a few minor gardening accomplishments during my married life, but I've been resting on those laurels for quite some time now. (In my defense, the nomadic tendency of the Ark does nothing to help my gardening quest.)

So, last night just after our final women's bible study (about which the Captain later asked, "Did you have a good bible study? Or (insert captivating husband smirk here) should I say did you have a good time visiting with Dawn? My answer? Yes and, of course, yes! Because what came out of that study is a clever little tip Dawn shared with me about gardening. (She, by the way, is the real deal when it comes to all things garden-related and tolerates my low garden IQ when I ask for help).

Complaining of pesky tomato-munching rabbit families in her neighborhood, she told me that the last straw was drawn when she went out to find one of her Sweet 100s crunched beyond recognition. Wanting to stop the free-lunch, she went searching for a simple tip to keep these pesky pilferers at bay. And she found one--GARLIC!

According to her, the only necessary equipment are bulbs of garlic. Just pop them open and plant the cloves along the perimeter of the garden to protect growing plants. Apparently, it repels the rabbits, who don't care for the smell or taste of garlic.

Go figure. And here I thought that Bunnicula story was a work of fiction.

Keeping gardens safe and sound? Works for Me!

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