Monday, May 12, 2008


We're all recovering from too much fun this weekend. Mother's Day was a real treat and the Captain's job stress is diminishing to a point where he actually spent the past weekend at home and (mostly) untethered to that tool of the devil, the Blackberry.

But, Monday came anyway, launching us back into a reality full of laundry, lunches and looming deadlines. My first column is due Friday and will appear next Tuesday. As many of you have asked (and I'm assuming you're wanting to encourage this fool's errand of mine, not point and laugh, right?), I'll post the link here.

Also, I'm trying out my investigative skills at tracking down our homestudy/child referral to see if one or both has made its way to the DCFS powers-that-be and if said powers have made a motion to approve it.

Either way, check here tomorrow for a link to this week's Catholic Carnival!

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Anonymous said...

If it doesn't already have a name I think your column should be called "The Foo Hath Said!"
Of course I will be reading it faithfully!

Happy Mother's Day!

Check out the IHS site if you haven't lately. A lot of people have posted comments.