Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Short Answer

Okay, so that title will go down in history as the most inappropriate ever, but the worldly wise among us know that the Irish "gift of the gab" isn't just a clever name.

Back to the question at hand--what in the world was I doing here this weekend?

The real reason--and this I can say without question--is that only God knows for sure. And as your detail-obsessed, fellow sojourner I can also say for certain that He's not telling. But His spirit is moving around here and if there's one thing I do know, it's to follow His lead wherever it may go; working against it leads to (feel free to select the analogy of your choice) the unsatisfying equivalent of swimming upstream with lead in your boots--or trying to finish the laundry once and for all.

So, there are many questions being asked, much discernment happening, and tons of prayers being lifted on the Ark. And by God's grace, there will soon be some answers.


Eileen said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know this one!!! You were ... uh ... spying? :)

Actually, at first I didn't get your reference, and thought you must've been there as a speaker.

I already think of you as a homeschooler!!! One who could even conceivably be a speaker at a conference! Hah, whatcha think of that? :)

God bless you in making your decision for your family. It can be a very challenging choice -- and the people you hope or expect to support you may not, at least not right away. (They may be more than a little freaked out by the whole thing.)

I loved Jen of Et tu?'s post on finding God's will in making a decision -- she says, "Follow the path of peace." (or words to that effect.) Works for me!


Stina said...

Can't wait to see what happens!

Life in Fitzville said...

Well that was a cryptic post! I love this line though...

"or trying to finish the laundry once and for all. "

Suzanne said...

Ahhhh...I thought you already home schooled:-) Must be a natural waiting to happen! Hope you enjoyed your conference, it looked like it was very uplifting and informative.