Saturday, April 19, 2008

Twists and Turns

The highs were of the nosebleed persuasion, but the lows, well-their nosebleeds were caused by the swift connection of face to pavement that accompanied some of the moments here this past week.

If you've been on the Ark for any length of time at all, you know that our family is about to increase in size, through the miracle (and I can't stress the true miracle it is enough) of adoption. While you've heard and seen a few blips on the radar about the process, I've guarded my heart tightly with any news of real substance.

Why? It's not you. It's me. No, really, I mean it, it is.

By holding all the cards in my own hand, I thought that perhaps I could keep myself from becoming too emotionally involved or too attached to the little baby girl that we've been holding in our hearts for several weeks now--waiting for the paperwork process to catch up with the longing of our hearts. But my plan (go figure) is backfiring miserably.

If everything was moving along smoothly, I would be overjoyed to share our news, our excitement with you, dear friends. Thinking along those same lines, and with my knowledge of scripture, why then, would I have decided that I could single-handedly bear the heavy burdens of this trial alone?

And to boot, wouldn't you know that in this funny blogging world, I would find this morning affirmation of the self-same thing over at Margaret's place. God didn't create us to be alone. He created us as many, unique parts, with specific gifts and talents to be shared within the Body of Christ. No one part (or person) is any less important than the other and when one part is broken, the whole body is affected, which sounds like a terrible curse, right? But, in reality, it is the most wonderful of blessings, because it offers encouragement to those of us who find that when our crosses become to heavy to bear alone, we know that the prayers, sufferings and sacrifices made on our behalf by our brothers and sisters in Christ will help to heal us.

So, with that I'm coming clean.

To date, we have had:

  • a glimpse of a referral of a beautiful, baby girl, who has some minor medical needs that would be better treated in the US
  • worry for her, followed by encouraging news of her improved health
  • concern about the completion of dossier paperwork, followed by papers which were miraculously expedited for us
  • hope that an "official" child placement referral would arrive in our hands this week
  • difficult news that there was a glitch with our official, notarized copy of our homestudy, which might delay the processing...which, in turn, might lead us to miss the court closure in Ethiopia...which, given the urgency of this precious baby girl's health needs (and here comes my worst fear of all) might strip us of the referral in order to place her with a family, who is paperwork-free and ready-to-go
  • multiple phone calls to discern the best way to attack the situation
  • and a most blessed priority package in the mail containing the official referral...
  • which we are unable to "officially" sign until we hear back about the homestudy next week
And so it the meanwhile, this part of the Body could desperately use a little help from the Body's other, stronger parts.


Eileen said...

Oh, Jane, what a whirlwind.

You already have my prayers. Now you have them with me knowing a little more about what it is I'm praying for.

And we'll include prayers for your little girl (hope, hope, hope, hope, hope!), too.

Stay strong! God's ways are not our ways, and the right thing always happens when we trust Him.

Love and many, many prayers,

Becky said...

So stressful! We will continue with prayers for you and precious baby girl. Keep us updated. A few weeks ago when I was over the top stressed with the adoption I sat and read Pslams. It really helped calm me and help focus me. I feel your pain. Love to you.

Anne said...

Dear Jane,

Life is a series of ups and downs, hills and valleys. But the challenge is to see God's Hand in it ALL. If you were pregnant, these would be braxton-hicks contractions (and BIG ones) or a questionable test result or some serious heart burn, or, or, or.....

We carry these children in our heart, as we would any biological child. It is the hopes and dreams that we have for this child that will get you through - and God will be with you at every step.

Your many trials can be offered up for so many as little sacrifices that can unite you even closer to Jesus on the Cross.

Let you heart not be troubled, my friend. And let Our Lady wrap her sweet mantle around you, your family, and this little one. She will help you through.

Many blessings, prayers and sacrifices,

Barb, sfo said...

I remember when a good friend of mine was hoping to adopt some children in Europe. The same types of twists and turns were going on. It all worked out and the kids are doing wonderfully. I pray that the same will happen for your family.

Anonymous said...


I hope that sharing your stress will lift some burdens and that the prayers of all of us will speed up the adoption!!! I pray for a fast and healthy "delivery"

Anne marie

Renee said...


Thank you for sharing! It is a blessing to pray with you for this little one.

Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west; Isaiah 43:5


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

My prayers are with you, Jane, as you go through this process. May the Lord sustain you with his peace as you wait for your precious one to come home.


The Payne Family Blog said...

Know that I am praying for you and am so glad to have some specific requests to ask God. I pray He will open windows that need to be opened and close doors that must be closed in order to fullfill His will for your beautiful family. There is such comfort in knowing that He knows the plans He has for you and for this precious little girl who will hopefully find her forever (on earth anyway!) home with you.

Hang in there and NEVER be afraid to ask us for specific prayers. God really does enjoy wowing us with the smallest details!!! Hang in there my friend.


darci said...

i am praying, so much. darci

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you, your family & the little one... Heidi E.

Anonymous said...

PS My sister and her husband are waiting for baby #2 from China... please keep them in your prayers. Thanks, Heidi

Therese said...

I am so sorry Jane. Don't you wish everything could just move along smoothly but I know if it always did we wouldn't really appreciate it when it did. Many prayers for you all. Adding your little girl to my prayer blog too.

Julie C. said...

Jane, We are praying for your family and for this sweet baby girl who needs your family! Thanks for letting all of us know the progress! Julie

Kathy said...

Adoption is certainly not for the faint of heart is it? Prayers.

patjrsmom said...

Thanks everyone, you are all just the best! Have I said that before? Nevertheless, it bears repeating. You ARE the best!

God Bless,

Hey, Heidi! Tell your sister and her husband we say congratulations!