Monday, April 28, 2008


Friday our USCIS fingerprints were done. Assuming our criminal backgrounds are kept at bay, the Department of Homeland Security will see fit to approve our I-600 and issue our I-171. Should one agency elect to not throw the other agency under the bus and simply choose to expedite the RE-view of our homestudy, that should all be happening within the next week or so. Thus, leaving the Ark residents ever watchful for a sign (any sign) that we have approval in one of these areas, which should, in turn, mean that the infamous Ethiopian court closure will be just another scoffable event on the journey.

Either way, however, I have a great peace about the situation. It is most certainly attributed to the many prayers being offered up on our behalf. When the Captain and I were at the height of hysteria about the situation, his words reaffirmed for me that whatever happens, whatever the outcome, we must continue to strive to live in God's will--His will for us and for the beautiful baby girl who has already stolen our hearts--no matter what the outcome.

"God has a plan," the Captain reminded me, "and none of the frenzied phone calls, harried emails or obsessive postman stalking will change it. If God's plan is not for her to come here, then it doesn't matter how much we worry or fret or attempt to turn the adoption paperwork tide in our favor, she won't be coming here. But--if God's plan IS for her to come here, then again, all our worry and anxiety will have been wasted because she'll come here no matter what."

It is a beautiful thing to realize God is speaking to you. But it is a thing of grace, when He is speaking through your husband.


Becky said...

Lovely...I'm so glad your hubby can say such beautiful and true things to you. I'm the postman stalker type too:)

Ericka said...

Your husband is SO right and I try to keep that level head, but it's so hard once the heart is involved ;)
I'm still so confused on this fingerprint thing....did you go downtown to get your USCIS fingerprints done? Don't we do this toward the end of the homestudy because the fingerprints expire?
I can't wait to hear more on your little one :)

patjrsmom said...

Our fingerprints were done out by the mall. I *believe* you can go downtown to the main office and file/do your fingerprints/ etc... all at once, but we filed the I-600A by mail and received the fingerprinting appointment to have it done at the center on 59.

There isn't much else for us to do now...except (oh the agony!) wait!

God Bless,