Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Only Thing Missing is Milk

For Grandpa's monthly cookie shipment, we decided to try our hand at these homemade oreos, except instead we substituted Fluff for the cream filling recipe. Not quite the real thing, but not half-bad either.


Eileen said...

When I was a kid, my big sister read "Campus Life" magazine. They had a big spread on some lady, named Gloria, who faked famous recipes. Her recipe for these was called, "Glorios" and became a Christmas Cookie favorite for many years, until I lost the recipe! (They were a bit fussy to make though. I don't remember much about the recipe, except that I used the bottom of a crystal creamer, greased and dipped in sugar, to press a design on every single cookie before it baked.)

Anyway, yum! Thanks for the memories! :)

Julie C. said...

Hi Jane, Can you please explain the "Grandpa's monthly cookie shipment?" Sounds interesting! Thanks. (And these cookies look yummy!) Julie

patjrsmom said...

Hi Julie,

I updated the post to include a link to what exactly Grandpa's cookie shipment is all about! I hope you all are doing well. We've been praying for you!

God Bless,