Saturday, April 12, 2008

Christmas in April

The forecast is for snow showers this weekend here, so why not Christmas?

Particularly because we're now *officially* waiting for a very special package to open, delivered by the FedEx man Santa---hopefully this coming week! And as soon as that arrives, I'll be able to post the Ark's Christmas letter--chock full of new and exciting family happenings--here!
Ho Ho Ho! Time to go bake some cookies!


Becky said...

Super exciting...can't wait to hear what's in the package! We had snow last week....not really what I had in mind after seeding the grass.

Jim & Laurel said...

You commented on my blog that friends of yours are adopting from Ghana. While we did an independent adoption through Beacon House, we would highly recommend using AAI.


Anne said...

We are expecting just light snow overnight....I'll bring the tea!

Many prayers and blessings,

Kathy said...

Brr. We had a nice warm spring break.