Monday, April 14, 2008

An Omen?

The stomach bug hit the Ark fast and furious this weekend. I will spare you all the gory details, but suffice to say that Baby T is its latest victim, which means that Baby T's mommy is running on little sleep this lovely Monday (it is Monday, isn't it?) But don't pity us, it's a good thing. The last time the Ark got hit with such a ferocious vomit virus was the week Hannah and Baby T came home from Ethiopia! As I tore through roll upon roll of paper towels and cleaning solutions, I thought it might just be an omen. A very dirty, disgusting, smelly one--but if it's signaling the arrival of new Ark members, I'll take it. Just pass me the mop while I wait.


Stina said...

I hope every one is back to 100% soon (and maybe a tiny little nap in your future).

Thank you for your prayers this morning.

Becky said...

Poor babies and poor Mommy! I guess it's a good thing that they all get it at once instead of it hitting one at a time for weeks??? Maybe not.

Anne said...

May this be your 'sacrifice' for your next Arkling(s)! And may you get caught up with laundry --and a little sleep--soon. Just wish I could run by some homemade soup to your Ark!

Many prayers and blessings,

darci said...

ugh..I feel for ya! hope you're all better! how exciting to be expecting more for the 'ark'!! soon? darci