Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tomorrow Morning

Tonight if you were to swing by the Ark, you'd find me burning the midnight oil in preparation for Thursday. You see, tonight, my darling husband arrived home with the final piece of paper for our dossier; which means that tonight, I'll be busily typing up our responses to our agency's Hague Convention required training. (BTW, it's a very interesting four-part DVD series by Dr. Bryan Post of The Post Institute, which deserves--and will receive--its very own post someday soon.) But before I digress too much farther, once my typing is complete I'll methodically check and recheck each paper before safely tucking them inside the nearest overnight mailer till morning. The neurotic in me will also notify AAI of its impending arrival so that they can alert every.single.person in their office to watch for it. Then, as promised, AAI will be delivering a very important package--crammed full of stacks of statements to pore over and absorb, photos of faces to study and letters needing to be carefully signed and dated--but more importantly, full of the unseen and unspoken, cautious joy of the hopes and dreams across the Atlantic.


Life in Fitzville said...

YAY... a huge step! I will be praying... praying for your peace throughout this, praying for the safe arrival of your dossier to the agency, praying for the newest little arkling waiting across the ocean.

Anne said...

We are so excited for you and your family as you get one step closer to filling that ark. Our prayers are with you!