Friday, April 18, 2008

This Morning's Wake-Up Call

Tornadoes? Yes. But this? No.

Anyone else affected?


Anne said...

Mark said that he woke up at that time in the morning and felt the bed moving. He remembers feeling an earthquake on the other side of the Michigan before we married. Me, I slept through it............

Did you wake up and feel it???


darci said...

egad! that's freaky. no earthquakes here yet, but we ARE supposed to get up to 50 cm of snow this weekend. NOOOOOO!!!

patjrsmom said...

Yes, ma'am, Anne, I woke up and was convinced that my cats were jumping around and shaking the bed, until I realized that the shaking was coming from UNDER the bed!

Darci, snow?! 50 cm!!! Yikes!

God Bless,

Ericka said...

YES!!! Read my blog for a chuckle!!!!
Thank you thank you so much for the call this am. We are on our way out of town (sick family member) so I hope it's ok if I give you a call next week - neighbor!!!!!!
SO glad you are close!!!
Hope you have a great weekend :)