Saturday, January 12, 2008

Word on Fire!

A friend of mine passed along this website containing Father Robert Barron's homilies (which are also broadcast on Relevant Radio very-very-early in the least for this night owl). If you haven't yet heard him speak, he is engaging and is not afraid to tackle contemporary media or current events, among a host of other topics, in light of Church teaching.

From his website:

“Word on Fire” is a program of Catholic evangelical preaching. It is evangelical in the measure that it proclaims Jesus Christ boldly in the hopes of bringing men and women to conversion and new life in Him. It is Catholic inasmuch as it utilizes the tremendous resources of the Roman Catholic tradition – art, architecture, poetry, philosophy, theology, and the lives of the saints – in order to explain and interpret the event of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that this radio outreach can draw people into the body of Christ, which is the Church, and thereby give them access to all the gifts that Jesus wants his people to enjoy. -Fr. Robert Barron

Don't miss his discussion on the Sopranos. Or if it's can watch it right here---

H/T Teri


Teri said...

Hi Jane-
I'm so glad you checked out Fr. Barron's site. He is a good friend of ours and quite an inspiration for us. I have come to read your blog on a daily basis. I really enjoy your ideas and your sense of humor. Keep on keepin' on!

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Thanks for the links. I'd like to check out Fr. Barron's site in more depth when I get a chance. I also plan to check out Relevant radio.
Gosh, there is so much out there to encourage us in living out our faith! Thank you, Lord!

patjrsmom said...

Thanks Teri. How kind of you to say so. I have to admit that it works both ways--I get just as much encouragement and inspiration from emails and/or comments from readers as well!

And, I completely agree with Lisa, in that despite all of the garbage on the internet, this is a wonderful way to connect with other faith-filled and uplifting people.

God Bless you all!