Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Helpin' Miz

My extremely talented-- read Mensa high-score holding--*baby* sister is working on a worthy project for her school, where her moniker, Miz, is now starting to grab the attention of not only her students, but also academia at large. I KNOW that many of you Ark readers are well-versed in a multitude of the areas about which she needs information.

She writes:

The quick of it:

I have received funding to create a project from GlobalKids - a community based organization that is attempting to infuse global perspectives to curriculum design and promote developmental assets amongst NYC youth.

I am attempting to create a "green" project at my school with a focus on sustainability education, environmental/social justice and community dialogues. Since we are a high school for the arts, it is also essential that I infuse arts projects into the action plan to focus on talent development and the giftedness of all students.

At this point, I hope to create a "sustainability concert" in late May/early June in cooperation with Fordham University and the Bronx Botanical Gardens. To create a final project, I must attempt to highlight the interdisciplinary possibilities for a school wide project that can manifest into something of value this spring.

How you can help:

To offer up palpable curriculum suggestions to my colleagues - brilliant (and occasionally jaded) educators, I am asking for contacts/links/reading-viewing materials on the following topics:

  • working artists/arts-history related to social & environmental action and awareness
  • green building/green business/urban gardening
  • 21st century economy & media studies connections
  • 20th century (or earlier) social/environmental turning-points and uprisings - essential content in recent American/world history
  • nonprofits, CBOs, businesses, freelancers, organizers, political leaders interested in working with youth
  • other schools that have taken environmental/social action
  • any articles/essays/websites of high recommendation

Thank you in advance for your input and your brain!
Track our 'progress' here and forward this plea freely.

So that's my big ol' family-style bleg. Please post a comment in the com box if you know of any great resources that she might tap or feel free to email me offline at patjrsmom at yahoo dot com. And please, do feel free to link back to this post and/or forward this request on to anyone you think might be full of suggestions!

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Anonymous said...

I am a huge GMA fan and Sam Champion is very pro-green and does a lot of stories on "green" stuff. I bet Miz could get some help from the people at GMA if she contacts them. Maybe she'd even get her kids on TV one morning!

It's not easy being green,
Kermit W.