Tuesday, January 08, 2008

At Home Date Nights

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful time together in Chicago last weekend. It was so great, in fact, that we're walking around the house now saying things like, "Gee. That was really fun." "Yeah, we should do that more often." But the reality is a big weekend like that isn't in the cards (or the Ark's budget) for a weekly date night. It left us thinking about when we were newly married, stationed in Germany, with a newborn in tow. Wanting desperately to have occasional date nights, we resorted to taking turns planning "at home" date nights once the Boy was asleep. Themed dates like Poker Night, Home Brewed Coffee Shop and Movie night-in were created--and enjoyed--very much. We've decided to try and resurrect this ancient Ark tradition, but I thought I'd ask for a little assistance.

So, friends, any great date night ideas out there? I know that Laura has been doing a series on frugality and I think the "at home" date night idea scores big points in that category. Perhaps there are some frugal, yet fun, and still romantical (as Paula Deen says) ideas out there? Suggestions, please---Date night is less than a week away!


Becky said...

We like to feed the kids and then have our dinner once the kids are in bed (put them to bed a bit early). Eat a late lunch so you don't starve. Sometimes we'll get take-out and then set the table with all the fine china and enjoy candlelight dinner alone. We have even moved the table into the livingroom and ate in front of the fireplace. So fun.

patjrsmom said...

That's a great idea, Becky. I love the thought of eating in front of the fireplace. I don't think I'd even require a table! ;-)


Life in Fitzville said...

We do the same as Becky! We have a favorite little Korean restaurant in town, but it isn't a favorite with the kids. So we get takeout from there after the kids are in bed, and rent a movie.

We also love cribbage, and try to 'schedule' that in once in a while.

And yeah... fireplace, I love that idea... with a picnic dinner on a blanket!

patjrsmom said...

You know, Denise, we play games all the time with the kids, but we used to do puzzles (especially the NYT crossword) together all the time. Again, another great suggestion! Thanks-

Laura W. said...

Matt and I love to watch movies! We put the kids to bed and then have a treat...we do "make your own coldstone" because we love Cold Stone Creamery but it is sooooo expensive so we add our own toppings to ice cream with leftover candy from Halloween and Christmas. We also love to play Scrabble! For some reason we always end up laughing when we play it...we have also done "picnic on the living room floor". Sometimes we just have a glass of wine and talk...we have baked cookies together and then ate a ton of them. That was actually fun too! We both have a sweet tooth :)

patjrsmom said...

Ooooh! Make your own "Coldstone" is a great idea! We've been there just a couple of times and I agree it is very expensive, but very good. Now, if I can just find a way to replicate their cake batter ice cream. Yum!


Anne said...

We have done the take out option and brought it to our bedroom and ate it there. Then we pull out the cards for some gin rummy or bring up a board game, like "Life". We turn our TV on because you get music channels and have that going. Candles are lit and it so much fun.

I think I'll have to plan one this weekend............


patjrsmom said...

Oooh! Anne, I hadn't thought about the candles and music. I'm looking more and more forward to this weekend! Thanks for the ideas!

God Bless,


Easter A. said...

HI Jane,
Wow! wonderful ideas here!

We go out for a simple dinner meal once a week. It is always wonderful to get away. Once in a while we'd watch a movie. My budget is $25 dollars/week and I set that aside for us. We also have our weekly spiritual date now that my oldest can watch the younger ones - we go to Mass just the two of us every Sat. afternoon.

Thanks Jane!

patjrsmom said...


What a great idea to build your date nights into your budget! AND...my favorite suggestion, going to Mass together. We've talked about that before, but haven't managed to work out a day/time that we can stick to--we have (for about a year now) done a first Saturday confession, but that is not just the two of us, but rather the whole family. I think I'm going to recheck our local Mass times. You've inspired me, Easter!

Thanks and God Bless,