Monday, January 07, 2008


Wake early and congratulate self on crawling out of bed before kids leave for school.

7:00am Plan to change out of pajamas and into *grown-up* clothes. Wonder why we decided against homeschooling.

7:30am Thank God for husband, who is driving the early morning altar serving Boy and his sisters to school on this first day back.

8:00am Get online to respond to email and update blog just as three little voices called, "Good Morning."

8:30am Fix breakfast and vow to change out of pajamas right away at least by noon. Notice that laundry has not folded itself overnight and prioritize folding it-AFTER suitably dressed for the day.

9:00am Talk to Mom on phone, discuss important current events--primary in NH, unseasonably warm weather, and the "Look at the purty, tall buildings" look on my face that evoked smirks from the two young ladies (who would never believe that I spent much of my senior year in college running around NYC) followed by a mournful "When did I get old?"

10:00am Call for the big girls to help dress the little kids. Wait in silence for response. Curse the end of Christmas vacation.

11:00am Finish cleaning up kitchen from breakfast and wonder why the little kids are already asking for lunch. Look at clock and sigh.

11:30am Finish household administrative tasks, phone calls and paperwork. Worry that tomorrow is not looking promising for any major accomplishments.

11:31am Decide that getting dressed qualifies for major accomplishment.

12:30pm Throw hands up in air and laugh. Attempt to document this first morning back to school--because when I'm having a TRULY bad day--this is one that will make me smile.

Happy Back to School!


Eileen said...

LOL! As a homeschooling mom, I can assure you that it's no cure for days like yours, of which I've had many! The only difference is, at 7am while you're wryly reconsidering homeschooling, you may catch me wondering, "So what is it we have against public schools, anyway???" :)

Kathy said...

UGH! Ours is up--not cheerfully at all-- 5:20 a.m., family devotions at 5:50 a.m. Buses come h.s. 6:18, elem 6:50, m.s. 7:50.