Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Planning for Lent

I realize we've not even reached Candlemas yet, and some of you are keeping your nativities out until that time not yet peeking ahead in the liturgical year, but...the inveterate planner in me can't stop myself. Besides, I saw that Laura had some really cute decorations up for St. Valentine's Day and, well, that was all it took.

I'm talking about Lent here, people.

In something like 3 weeks from today, Ash Wednesday arrives! There are a few ideas starting to form here on the Ark, some of which were done last year, but I'm wondering what else is out there. Michelle posted a lovely write-up of her Lenten preparations. And we want to continue the Blessing Box idea during Lent, but with a twist. The Blessing Box originally encompassed the time between Thanksgiving and Epiphany; during which we systematically donated the amount of money required by each daily reflection--amounting in nearly fifty dollars in *spare change*! Our parish food pantry, the poor box and the local animal shelter were each the recipient of a third of our collection. It was a wonderful family activity and really blessed us all tremendously. So now, we want to repeat it---but we don't want to re-do the original set of questions again.

What are good reasons to put money in an old coffee container, decorated with fading yellow construction paper and LOTS of scotch tape? Should we put money in for doing something? How about for NOT doing something? I'm at an impasse here.

I'm also putting together an activity on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy for Lent (which I'll post when I have pictures), so I'm thinking maybe somehow I could tie the two together? Hmmm...can you smell the wood burning yet?

Any great Lenten suggestions out there?


Cath said...

I don't know but if you even TEASE about giving up blogging for Lent, you will be in big, big, BIG trouble. So WHAT did you have and then not have here for me?

patjrsmom said...

Okay, then. I must admit, I have been thinking about doing some kind of blogging reduction for Lent-like maybe only post once a week or something. I'm not sure. I really enjoy keeping this blog, so giving it up would be a sacrifice...

But what about my Blessing Box? How about you solve my Blessing Box problem and I promise not to give up blogging for Lent. Just an idea. ;-)

And, I emailed you about what I didn't have then had, etc...


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Is it really three weeks away???
You are way ahead of me in thinking about this! First, I think I need to remain calm! (heehee) If I remember correctly from last year, so many great ideas pop up on blogs that my eye starts twitching!
But, I better start! Lent is coming whether I'm ready or not. I'd rather be ready.

Michelle said...

Jane, what about contributing to the Blessing Box for sacrifices and good deeds? That way it reinforces the idea that Lent can be about BOTH sacrificing and adding positive things too? One new thing we're doing this year is a tree....with felt hearts. For each good deed we're adding a heart shaped piece of felt to our tree. Hopefully by the end of Lent our *tree* will have lots of *leaves* to show all the good deeds we've done for the Love of Jesus. :)