Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Only one day left!

As we speak, the Boy is still the Boy, but a few other names are being flung from stem to stern on the Ark in preparation for a naming ceremony. If you haven't given your opinion yet, (and really people, what good is the internet if we aren't all out there giving our unabashed opinions on everything?)

insert sarcastic smirk here

then be sure to do so, or at the least cast your vote in the sidebar before time's up!


Anonymous said...

In my (humble) opinion I think that the Boy should remain the Boy b/c that is in itself a great codename/nickname. I also think that baby T should remain baby T b/c I just LOVE calling him that. As for the girls, well, I guess they end up being the Fantastic Four!!!

Therese said...

I use first names but no surnames. I have tagged you for a meme Jane. See my blog.