Saturday, June 28, 2008

Unofficially Official

I emailed our agency yesterday in the hopes of finding out some information. You know...Were we assigned to a group? What is our court date? Is the case being expedited? What do you mean nobody knows the answers? Do I need to do everything myself? No, no...just kidding, but I was getting anxious for some information.
After a few emails from our agency's director and another member of the office staff, I knew little more than I knew to begin with, but--the director was self-reportedly out of the office so I wondered how much info she had access to while away. We left it that we would wait to hear from yet a third office worker (the one responsible for announcing group assignments and court dates) and that was that.
We figured it might take a while, but no one had counted on the prayers of our daughter's faith-filled godmother. (Yes, she has godparents here already who have been praying, along with their children, tirelessly on our behalf).
This morning, I awoke to find yet another email from our agency's director. She recommended waiting to *officially* hear from that other office person, but...I am simply too excited to not announce this here (and request prayers that all continues moving smoothly).
According to the agency's staff in Ethiopia, our case got filed with Group K. It is possible that the papers were even submitted yesterday!
It seems that our baby girl isn't going to have to wait through the court closure in Ethiopia, after all. Praise God! makes it all the more appropriate that we are heading out today to look at a larger vehicle for our family.


Suzanne said...

What great news!! And larger than the behemoth Suburban---my friends drive those 15 passenger vans as they have 8 and 10 kids and need it. I don't know how they back into a space:-) Have a great weekend , sure you'll be walking on cloud 9.

Becky said...

So great! My hubby will be at Layla tomorrow and I gave him special directions to seek out your baby girl and take photos and give hugs to her.

Christine M said...

What wonderful news! I'm so excited for you! You have my continued prayers that all goes well.

Barb, sfo said...

That's great news! Bring on the Partridge Family Bus!

Ginny said...

How wonderful! I have often wished our boys were in Ethiopia because it seems so much quicker there! We are just a few weeks shy now of waiting for a year. Now that we are so close, the time is going even slower.

julie said...

How exciting. I'll say a prayer your little one is home with you soon.

God Bless,

Julie said...

This is great news! I still remember that B.J. and Mickey's case was filed with Group P two years ago. Ahhhhh.... We are glad everything is moving forward. We'll keep you all in our prayers.
Julie Cooper

Michelle said...

I am so excited and hopeful for you and your entire family! I'm stepping up the prayers!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to share this news with my family!!! We will keep praying that all goes smoothly and that baby Hiwot will be in your arms soon.


anne marie

Ericka said...

Awesome news!!!!!!
SO happy here for your family :)