Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Catholic Coloring Book for Kids

Check out this generous offer from the wonderful Holy Heroes company! And while you're over there on their site, don't miss the other fine Catholic offerings for sale. From the company:

Oops: we made a goof.

But, fortunately, there's a way for YOU to get some benefit from it.

Let me explain.

You see, in the "Triumph of Jesus" coloring book, we made an error of fact in one of the captions--one which I suspect your children will spot when they read it (or when you read it to them).

We've gotten such great feedback on the catechesis we've packed into the extended captions on the coloring pages, explanations of the Scriptural basis for the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. For example, we explain how King Solomon reveals that Mary is the Queen of Heaven, how her Assumption follows logically from the Ten Commandments, and so on.

So it's a shame that none of us here caught this error until recently, during preparations to record the Glorious Mysteries CD.

Well, we have a lot of these books on hand and we'll correct it in the next printing, but in the meantime here's how you can benefit from our mistake:

Simply go to and click on the button to 'Get a coloring book FREE!', then select as your free book "The Triumph of Jesus." When the book arrives in the mail, you'll see we've enclosed a form to send back to us. On the form tell us what you think the error is and also select what you'd like from the list of the rewards you can earn for your Catholic detective work. If you're right about where we're wrong, we'll send you the reward you've chosen.

Top 10 Songs survey

Oh, and while you're on our homepage, don't forget to give us your personal list of the Top Ten songs every Catholic child should know by heart. Just take a few minutes to fill out the survey. In thanks, we’ll give you a coupon code to save on your next CD purchase.


Laura said...

Thank you for all of this great info. I am going to come back to spend more time here than I have today. You have all kinds of great links and ideas.
Thank you!!!

patjrsmom said...

Hi Laura,
I was just thinking that I hadn't been over to visit your site lately.
(I can't get it to appear in my google reader). It's good to see you! And I'm glad you like the new links.

God Bless,