Monday, June 02, 2008

New Month, New View

Two bloggers (Suzanne and Michelle) have unique ideas for starting out this first of the Summer months.

Michelle, of Rosetta Stone, offers a clever spin on resolutions--starting a new, simple, attainable one at the beginning of each month! What a fantastic thought! So, with her inspiration and the challenge set by Suzanne to "Make Your House a Home" in June, my resolution came easily.

As time has gone on, I've better understood the vocation of motherhood and the very distinct role a woman plays in God's creation. Even for women who choose to work outside the home, their presence in the workplace presents an opportunity to bring a gentle spirit, a calming presence, and an solid understanding of God's prestigious role of women through authentic femininity. Not a lesser role, in which woman was created inferior to man, but a strategic role devised specifically by the Master of the Universe, in which the roles of women and men are stunningly complementary.

What is interesting, however, is that society has taken these two different--yet equally important--roles and assigned one great value and denigrated the other to a place far beneath its intended pedestal. Women, who are innately wired to be nurturers, designers, caretakers, artists of the finest level are told that those skills lack importance in today's world. They are told that the only true success is quantifiable in the forms of paychecks or promotions and attempt to align themselves to this vision as the only measure of their worth.

Don't misunderstand me, each woman is called to a vocation--some in the home, some out of it, some with children, some without, some married, some single--but in each of these roles, the call to be authentically feminine is constant.

With that in mind, and the help of my blogging sisters, my resolution was born. Although I have attempted, through my words and my actions, to show my children (both the girls and the boys) the importance and value of being at-home. I (s)lacked when it came to showing them the beauty, the actual physical beauty, which makes a house a home. Ready or not June, here I come.

***Photos from the first week's challenge can be seen here.***


Anonymous said...

Not all women are hard-wired to nuture. If I followed my natural inclinations, I'd be a hard-nosed, driven competitor who would thrill at seeing rivals crash and burn, with a hair-trigger temper and a definite dislike of children. It's only by the grace of God, and years of fighting, that these things in me are only tendencies and not ruling passions.

patjrsmom said...

You are correct! While your particular combination from the parental gene pool may not have formed you with that end in mind, the divine plan was there just waiting for us to embrace it all along. God is so very good (and, definitely in my case, very patient!)

God Bless,