Monday, June 02, 2008

Divine Humor

At least I can't say we didn't get an update on the status of our homestudy. It seems the sole woman in the entire state of Illinois who has the singular power (think the Wizard, from the Wizard of Oz) to approve our homestudy was on vacation all last week. Well, of course she was.

Honestly, I read this email update this morning and I simply had to laugh. I mean why wouldn't our homestudy wind up in her office the very week she was scheduled (probably several years ago) to be "away from her desk."

Dear Heavenly Father, you are a funny guy. In the midst of the wait, you sent such a ridiculous situation that it forced me to crack a smile. You remind me of my father here, who did such silly things to make me smile (like hold up his index finger and sternly instruct me, "Don't laugh at this finger. It's not even funny. No, no...I said 'Don't laugh!'" By that point, the giggles were too painful to hold in any longer and they erupted, blasting from my lips in hysteria over the absurd pointer finger of a loving--yet slightly comically-impaired--daddy.

His antics had my best interests at heart, though. He loved me enough to simply want to see me smile. Today, Father God, your own preposterous twist on the "finger trick" reminded me of your great love for me your daughter and left me grinning all day long.

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