Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making Your House a Home Challenge-Week 3

Subtitled "Hey, it's still week three where I am..."

I've been so truly inspired by Suzanne's challenge. Her words inspired my heart to truly look upon this Ark as more than just a place to hang our hats and fill our bellies. The need to have home be a safe haven for our family, a respite from the weariness that some days can bring, has always been important. This challenge, however, has nudged me look for opportunities to use not only the emotional atmosphere, but the physical one as well, to glorify God in our surroundings. Below, Beulah and Hannah share pictures of the garden we've been working on, bringing a little bit of the beauty within our home to the outside.

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Schotzy said...

Dont you treasure every bit of God's continuing blessing He provides that cheers our hearts and beautifies our world. I k ow the satisfaction of seeing his lovely flowers grow and mature- even as the temp and lasck of rain in our area has stymied the abundance of growth I revel in what small bit color he does provide. Thank goodness for a hose. You can see from posts from last week on my blog, I have smatterings of color. have a blessed week.