Monday, November 19, 2007

You can take the girl out of Connecticut...

but, oh nevermind, you know the rest and here's my score to prove it!

33% Definitely Yankee

So, what about you all? Are you a Yankee or a Dixie? Find out here.

H/T my dear Dixie (Y'all must have been a Dixie, right?) friend, Julie.


Michelle said...

I scored 73% Dixie. :) It's been 18 years since I've lived down South.

Faith said...

35% Pure Yankee..... ah - I feel compelled to note that this reference to "Yankee" has nothing whatsoever to do with my baseball allegiance. RED SOX Nation ALL the way! LOL.

Stina said...

50% Barely Yankee...must be all my moving around

I would like to repeat what Faith said above. I'm not "that kind" of Yankee. GO SOX!

Becky said...

48% for me...barely into Yankee category. Too fun.

patjrsmom said...

Faith and Stina,

Hey twice in a hundred years is definitely something to celebrate!