Monday, November 05, 2007

Pumpkin Masters

Fortunately for my children, when their Auntie Faith isn't "playing work", she indulges them with elaborate pumpkin carving tools and templates. You know, the kind that turn any level-headed parent into a new breed of Smashing Pumpkins fan. So, after washing, drying, opening, scooping, scraping, washing and drying (again!), taping, poking, slicing, and lighting, I had to admit the results were quite spectacular. And maybe, just maybe, a little more interesting than my standard three triangles and a semi-circle model. But, don't let me tell you, see for yourself:


Anonymous said...

Please tell Auntie F. that I am VERY impressed with her pumpkin handy work! She's good!

Faith said...

Hey CC! Thanks for the compliment. We got a late start on the pumpkins this year, with all that good baseball to be watched on tv and everything, but the kids did a great job. I guess it is nice to be a "master" at something! LOL.