Saturday, November 10, 2007


This morning, the blog got a much-needed update in all things admin related. There are some great new blogs added to the sidebar. You should check them out. And then you should let me know if I missed any...because I can't shake the feeling that I have. Sigh.

(And Michelle, I just realized your blog went private! I'd love to stay on your reading list...)

And this updating extravaganza is brought to you courtesy of the Captain, who (without prompting) got up before going in to work this morning, which means well before anyone else did, and completely cleaning up the mess left in the kitchen last night.

I am so unworthy of such a great husband. He's one of the many blessings I count when I wake up each morning, especially when I find myself with unexpected time on my hands.


Becky said...

God bless a husband that cleans! My hubby knows that the way to make me happiest is to clean;)

Michelle said...

Jane, I had a safety issue that needed to be dealt with. Now that it's resolved, my blog is open again. Please consider yourself invited! :)