Friday, November 16, 2007

Which Came First?

Baby T has become a bit of a shoe Houdini lately. He just can't seem to keep a pair of shoes on his feet. We've done velcro, lace-up, buckle, etc...but still he manages to squirm his feet free. And his favorite place to do so? In the car. So, as he is the sixth child, I have given up on shoeing Baby T in the car--unless I know he'll be getting out.

Yesterday, as we waved goodbye to CB at preschool and were pulling away from the curb service drop-off, N reported with concern:

"Mama, Baby T took his shoes off again!"

"It's okay," I responded knowing of my new grand shoe plan, "He doesn't have any shoes on right now."

"I KNOW!" she countered, exasperated, "BECAUSE he took them off!"

Sigh. It's going to be a long day.

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